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From Malta mainland to Comino and Gozo, see all the best attractions of this gem of an island from the sea.
We currently only offer day trips around Malta, Comino and Gozo.

Sailing around Malta

Malta - The best Island in the Mediterranean .................. probably.
Here are the most asked questions when people enquire about a day charter with Sail-Malta.com
Sail Malta - the perfect way to visit remote, yet stunning lagoons, beaches and caves .

How many people can you take?
Up to 8, but 6 is more comfortable.
Can we sunbathe?
You bet!! Why else come to Malta?
Do we have any say in where we go and what we do?
Yes, the skipper will always ask you.
The skipper always has the decision about timings and safety - what he says goes.
Can we stop out late into the evening?
Please ask at time of booking, but yes anything can be arranged to suit you.
Can we drink on board?
Sure, but please remember - heavy drinking and a moving boat are a recipe for seasickness or disaster.
We only provide soft drinks on board, but feel free to bring your own drinks.
What if it is rough?
The skipper will make the final decision whether to put to sea or not, but your feelings will be sought.
Can we get off?
Certainly to swim - it's all part of the experience.
If you just don't like it the skipper can put you ashore at the nearest harbour.
Are food and drink provided?
We provide a light snack at midday and soft drinks throughout the whole trip. We now offer as an option a superior lunch and wine - see the prices page.
Feel free to bring any additional food and drink you feel you require.
Are there shower facilities?
Yes, we have 2 hot showers and a cold shower for when you have been swimming.
Please bring your own towels.
Are there toilets on board?
Yes, 2 marine toilets with holding tanks so as not to pollute the beautifully clear water.
I can't swim!
a) Life preservers are available for everyone, and  there is also an ocean prepared liferaft.
b) Don't fall off!!
How strong is the boat?
She is capable of circumnavigating the world, so no problems around Malta.
Do I need to be able to sail?
No not at all, the skipper is capable of sailing the boat on his own. If you wish to become involved then sure all hands welcome!!
Can my 10 year old steer the boat?
Of course they can, under the watchful eye of the skipper. It will be the chance of a lifetime for a youngster.
Discover endless adventures in the Mediterranean!
The sun, sand, and even more sun await you in Malta.
Luxury Yacht - Luxury Hotel

The pride of Sail-Malta.com - A Benneteau Oceanis 440.

44' 10" (13.85 metres) of pure luxury.


Tips from the skippers
The sun can be very, very hot in Malta, combined with the reflection from the sea it is easy to burn so please bring along suntan lotion and suitable clothing.
Please wear soft shoes on board - no heels or leather soles.
We do not provide swimming gear or towels,
please bring your own.
You are here to enjoy yourself,
please let the skipper know if you have any special requests or needs
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